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STK MAKINA was established in 1981 in Sakarya, which operates in the food industry and in particular in the establishment of equipment turnkey facility for the supply of equipment for milk and dairy processing plants. Until today, our company has established many factories in our country, has exported to more than 50 countries. Having a wide range of products, STK MAKINA has reached its present level with its expertise, quality service and honest line in determining the customer needs in the best way and finding the right solution for this. STK MAKINA SAKARYA is located in the modern and new factory, milk production facilities; turnkey milk and products for the establishment of complete facilities, milk collection and cooling centers, milk transport tankers, milk intake, pasteurization and standardization lines, pasteurized drinking milk lines, yogurt, buttermilk, kefir production lines, feta cheese, cheddar, curd cheese, mozerella , hellim, cream cheese, labne, edam and gouda production lines for many varieties such as cheese, cream and butter production lines, ice cream production lines, CIP units, storage systems, complete turnkey milk factories are installing. It establishes turnkey fruit juice facilities and supplies all kinds of equipment and services for fruit juice, fruit nectar, fruit drinks, and flavored drinks. As STK MAKINA, we set up turnkey milk factories and we also produce solutions for other food processes such as fruit juice, water, honey, jam and chemical and pharmaceutical industries. STK MACHINE; R & D, design, project, production, installation, commissioning, sales and after-sales service, especially continues its activities. Our aim is to provide our customers with the most advanced technology and quality products with our extended warranty periods, to provide the best service in after-sales service.
Our company is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of stainless steel tanks, food machinery and equipment in Konya. Our company has successfully met the demands of stainless food tanks of many companies, individuals, institutions and organizations. Our target, without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction is to raise the bar much higher in the future. Our company, which closely follows the technological developments, offers instant service to its customers with a wide range of products on time. Our customer-oriented service is growing day by day with our young dynamic, friendly and successful colleagues. The secret of our success is the uninterrupted value and support we provide to our customers. Our company, which has the necessary machinery, information, team and equipment in order to fulfill its commitments in a timely and complete manner, always aims to offer the best product and to continuously increase customer satisfaction. The fact that we care about the satisfaction of the target audience is the biggest factor in our being a company of years. This factor is also a great source of motivation for us to look forward with hope and confidence.
Protank Machinery Ltd. was found in 2004. Unique Owner of the Company, Murat Kirveli, (Mechanical Engineer, M.Sc.) has experiences in his branches about 20 years. He developed high techniques and methods on coiled type of machinery in packaging sector in Turkey, still giving importance for R & D activities. Protank, Kirveli, Sarante and Propet are being preferred by the best known marked companies in food, beverage sectors almost all continents. Mr. Kirveli carried out of large scale projects in Turkey & over the world with his qualified team, technical & personnel staff. The group companies is located in Izmir, distinguished industrial area (A.O.S.B), about 10,000 m2, has about 40 qualified personnel staff currently, according to projects up to about 100, and about 50 technical & persons, experienced in their branches. He has been manufacturing stainless steel tanks for food & beverage, food process tanks, shrink wrap machinery, stretch machinery, case machinery, palletizers, depalletizers, carry out the projects on filling, bottling, blowing, CIP (cleaning in place). He uses the accepted automation systems in the world, and also covers the client’s demands behind standart products, flexible, optional and serve high qualified solutions according to new projects with his two of large scale factories in Izmir. The Company aims to serve the best qualified products and carry out the projects over the world, and develop the innovative products and methods. Current products & processes are certified by the Turkish & International authorizers; ISO, CE, made in Turkey, etc. as to cover of management systems & product qualification.
As POULIMEX we manufacture and supply poultry equipments. ( Broiler equipments , Breeder Equipments , Layer Equipments , Feeding Systems , Automatic Chain Feeding Systems, Nipple Systems , Ventilation Systems , Cooling Systems, Heating Systems, Climate Control Systems, Silos, Lighting Sytems , Cages , Cooling Pad , Automatic Nest , Spin Feeder , Pan Feeder , Nipples , Galvanized Pipe With Holes for feeding , Nipple Pipes , Regulator , Generator , Bedding for Chicken , Shave of Pine etc) We as POULIMEX TAVUKCULUK TEKNOLOJISI A.S. manufacture handy and special design poultry equipments since 2018 and continue our operations in our production plant on about 1.000 m2 area, located in Bursa / Nilufer industrial site. We have a wide sales area including 2 continents and over 5 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East. POULIMEX is a young company established in 2018 although in practice, it has 11 years of international business experience behind it. POULIMEX was established by owners of companies with executive management expertise in poultry sector. Please just say what you need, how much, when and where in poultry equipments sector. With 11 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, our company has carried its knowledge to the export sector.
Expanding day by day it carried out it sactivities toplantin cludes 22.000 m2; out door area and 12.000 2; indoor area of at Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone. ALTINBILEK, one of the leading companies in Turkey in manufacturing of high capacity chain conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, various steel silo component sand accessories
Geo Tekno Ltd. Co. has been in the business of providing manufacturing and engineering solutions & turnkey project contracting for over 25 years. What we manufacture: Stainless and carbon steel process units, reactors, mixers, heat exchangers, pressure tanks and silos for chemistry, food, packaging, paper and mineral processing sectors. Also furnace and energy recovery machines together with process control system and automation for mainly chemistry sector. What we design and engineer: Building and setting up production and energy facilities with our experienced team. We provide after sales service and maintenance support as well. We are happy to announce that we now manufacture all of them in our new, well-equipped, three-hall factory, which is our latest investment and has been started to be built at the end of 2018. In 2019, manufacturing has been started in our brand new factory with more capacity.
Our company was built in 1999, such called Atilim Teknik Makine. Commercial life of ATM was started like machining and welded manufacturing. Our company was moved OSB DOKUMCULER SITE in 2002 and our company developed production area up to 2.500 m² in 2004. That size reached to 4.500 m² in 2013. And our company is preparing to develop production area up to 20.000 m² in 2016. In 2017 ATM will continue to serve in the new production area. Research and development department was established about machine design and this department took control design and manufacturing work. “There is no production that cannot be done in Turkey” which is the most important motto of ATM Atilim Teknik Makine. ATM is specialized about casting and recycling. High quality perception was approved on April 2006 by taking ISO 9001.ATM increased customer expectations by taking production and trademark patents. First export of our company was realized to in 2005 and according to this exportation our company produced machine parts. After exportation, it was very important for our company. Exportation increased usually after this date. In 2007 exportation was %30 of total commercial volume (machine parts, foundry machine, foundry molds). Our company exported to Romania, Greece, Suudi Arabia, Spain, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Algeria, Albania, Thailand, Germany, Italy and Argentina. As of 2010 our company has been worked defence industry sector with MKEK. Research and development of NEB project was successfully finished with SAGE. Our company started to product of NEB project due to contract with MKEK in 2013. At the beginning of 2015, ATM has completed the production of the project successfully. In the next years, ATM is planning to work with defense industry, too. In line with this aim, ATM became a member of SSM (Undersecretariat for Defence Industries) and OSSA (OSTIM Defence & Aviation Cluster) in 2015 so ATM will make investment to be recognized supplier industrial manufacturer. ATM became a member of EFSIAD (Industrial Furnace Manufacturers and Businessmen Association) which convenes the industry furnace and burners manufacturers in 2015 In 2013 a new project was started. This project is for recycling of waste foundry sand by work relationship with TTGV and purchased area to established plant for this project. Purpose of this project is recycling of waste foundry sand, decreasing harmful on the environment and by this project that is not used in Turkey waste foundry sand will be brought to economy.
Since 1977, we are working on industrial projects including, Design Manufacturing Assembly Maintenance & revision of industrial machinery. Our specializations are; Manufacturing, assembly & commissioning of industrial plants, Design, manufacturing and assembly of belt conveyors, screw conveyors, and vibration conveyors, Design, manufacturing and assembly of elevators, Design, manufacturing and assembly of silo, separator, cyclone, bunker, tanks and exchangers, Manufacturing and assembly of mechanical, technological and steel constructions of electro-filters, Design, manufacturing and assembly of fine particle cooler (such as cement), Design, manufacturing and assembly of special industrial machines, Planned protective maintenance and repair of industrial plants, Annual revision of industrial machinery. Our Vision "Is to create human-oriented projects and innovations by keeping our main values “Quality and Trust .“ Our Mission, Is to offer fast, reliable, innovative and cost-efficient technological solutions, which fulfills the demand and requirements of our customers. We believe that with our 3500 m² closed/5000 m² open area, extensive machinery facilities and experienced staff we will be beneficial to you, Wish to work together…...
YILGENCI A.S., which was founded in 1957 and has proven itself in the sector it has been serving, has taken an important place and maintained its position with its philosophy that does not compromise on quality and quality. in 2008, as a unit steel construction production and application, after 2012, proved itself in the market and due to its economic structure, YLG CELIK A.S. As a company has not started its activities. Since its foundation, YLG CELIK, which is a company that works, produces, grows every day and adopts the principle of giving higher quality service, continues to walk on this path without breaking the line of quality, reliability, economical and aesthetic engineering projects with its innovative development image and continues customer oriented development. YLG CELIK Serves with superior technology, high brand quality and dynamic human resources. Our company, which has pioneered new discoveries that shape modern life, will be a passion for its employees, business partners and even competitors in addition to its customers, and continues to work with the aim of becoming a global player in the fields it works.
The premises of Balaban54, which preceded the establishment of the milk, food and milk products production, supply and turn-key milk processing plant, were taken long ago. By experience, Turkey serves the best in 5 continents. Having a wide range of products Balaban54 has reached to today with its expertise, quality service and honest line finding the best solution for customer needs and finding the right solution accordingly. Sakarya continues its activities in four branches with its project, production, installation, sales, application, training and service departments directed at the food sector in its facilities in Cark Street. For the dairy industry, complex lines for milk collection and cooling centers, milk intake and pasteurization lines, pasteurized drinking milk, milk lines; yoghurt, ayran and kefir lines; production lines for many cheese varieties such as white cheese, curd, kashar, gouda, mozerella, chadder, hellim, cream cheese; fruit juice, jam, marmalade and molasses production lines make ice cream and milk sweet production lines; soft drinks, cola drinks, chocolate, margarine, tomato paste, etc. the establishment of special equipment for production facilities and the provision of directional delivery to the food industry.